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Time For The Plumber!

It’s Monday morning and looking back on a slow week. More rock removal from the building footprint, which is now basically complete. Calling the surveyor to indicate wall lines and elevations: partially to check work to date, but principally to set the “control” for the remaining part of the building process.

It seems like we should be done already with the degree of problems. The old building’s elevations and placement had to be compensated for with adjustments in alignment, new footing elevations, plumbing changes and raising the building; ah, remodeling! And, we are now asking Boulder County if the sewers can be moved due to the bedrock in their way. Hope for the best!

This week, plumbing starts with a vengeance. Remember the earlier note of 22 plumbing fixtures to provide connection.

Sidebar: rock is tough on everyone. I truly pity the folks in the days that the rock was removed by hand. Nowadays, even the big equipment takes a beating. The large excavator was down several days awaiting a replacement part. Ouch!

Last week, we did also approve the supplier drawings for Windows and the kitchen door wall. Their latter had to be changed to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities) requirements. A few other minor adjustments. The results: $287 over the original budget set two years ago of $27,000. Good job Westover!

Don Shalibo

Teamwork Pays Off …. Again!

A week of “digging, blasting, clearing, checking” – not exciting, but oh so necessary! And the monthly Building Team meeting (owner, builder, architect) who meet to look, assess, adjust and study (the sides of the wings in particular – see earlier update for the issues) – not exciting, but oh so necessary. However, there was… Continue Reading

What Goes Down – Will Come Up!

It’s easy to judge progress by what you see, feeling good or bad or occasionally “what the ____ are they doing”. That’s fair and even fun to second-guess the “pros”. This week is hardly different. 1. Where’s the concrete? 2. Where’s the “blaster”? 3. Where’s the plumber? Put in proper order the plumber determines where… Continue Reading

Digging & Filling – Repeat

So what happened last week? To quote the owner of Alpine Excavation “digging and filling” – that’s our job. And, that is what happened last week and that’s what will continue next week. But now for the rest of the story which catalogs the amazing actions and tools of experienced people in the building industry… Continue Reading

No Naps This Week

Not a “ho-hum” week this time. It may have looked quiet this past Friday, but the building foundation challenges continue. The expert’s have recommended a “footing warmer” to solve the problem of the higher elevation of wing footings and resulting potential frost issues. It’s like a nice warm sock to keep the cold out and… Continue Reading

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