Carpool, Bike or Walk to The Old Gallery

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The Boulder County Transportation Master Plan, published December 11, 2012, advocates transportation demand management (TDM), which includes “programs to encourage and increase alternative mode usage that relieves transportation demand.” Such programs “encourage bicycling, carpooling, public transit, and walking as convenient and attractive transportation options”. The board of the Allenspark Community Cultures Council (ACCC) supports the objectives of transportation demand management.

As part of the Development Agreement between ACCC and Boulder County, which implemented the Special Use/Site Specific Development Plan process (SU-08-010), ACCC developed it’s own TDM plan, which states:

It is the policy of the ACCC to encourage transportation solutions that minimize vehicle traffic on Colorado Highway 7, in order to promote safety, reduce the need for parking spaces, reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emission, and promote social interaction.

We encourage you to use alternative modes of transportation when attending events at The Old Gallery.

By far the most effective transportation demand management tool available for The Old Gallery service area is carpooling. We encourage carpooling for those attending any TOG event, but especially the special events such as Hogabluesa, Run Like the Wind, the Gala, and the Musical Theatre Production. Communicating with your neighbors prior to an event is a good way to match riders and drivers. If you are at an event and see a neighbor or friend, ask them if they’d like to carpool for the next TOG event.

For those living near The Old Gallery, walking is a good option. There is a crosswalk across HWY 7 that links the town site and The Old Galley, but be cautious when using it, because many of cars travelling HWY do not follow the 40 MPH speed limit! And given the camaraderie of those attending TOG events, we can probably find walkers a ride home after the event.

For those hardy mountain bikers, there is always the option to ride your bike to TOG events. There are places for you to securely lock you bicycle a The Old Gallery. As with walkers, be cautious when riding on HWY 7, and watch for those loose rocks on all the area dirt roads.

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